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Get on with your life with help from US Credit Shield. If you have a low credit score due to derogatory marks on your credit report, we’re here to help YOU. Everyone deserves a second chance; don’t let those past mistakes dictate your future. With our help, you can wipe the slate clean in 3 easy steps.

How It Works

Step 1

Call today for your free phone consultation. In this stage, you’ll learn about how we can help with your current credit situation and get you back on your way to your fresh start.

Step 2

Once your credit reports have been received and analyzed, your credit specialist will begin to attack all items that are deemed to be inaccurate, and/or unverifiable. US Credit Shield will begin our time-tested credit repair strategies to begin the dispute process.

Step 3

By law, all (3) three credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate your dispute. The credit reporting agencies and /or credit bureaus have the legal obligation to update your credit report accordingly and send a copy of the updated report to you. Once you receive the report make a copy for yourself, and mail "Original" to US Credit Shield. This cycle will repeated until all items are removed to your satisfaction.

At US Credit Shield, our fee is guaranteed* What we quote is what you pay – NO UP-SELLING, NO SURPRISE FEES

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How can US Credit Shield offer a Price Protection Guarantee?

Simply put, when you call US Credit Shield your expert credit consultant will take the time – with our thorough and unmatched interview process – to precisely determine your credit situation. Your credit consultant will then provide you with an up-front, guaranteed fee amount to take your case from start to finish.*

Because US Credit Shield spends the time necessary to completely analyze your credit case before quoting the fee, we will not come back to you later requiring additional funds to complete your credit resolution (commonly known as an “up-sell”).

And US Credit Shield puts it in writing: Your quoted fee amount and Price Protection Guarantee is included in your Service Agreement.


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In Today's World, Everyone Needs Credit. IT'S ESSENTIAL!

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