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US Credit Shield specializes in repairing inaccurate information on consumer credit reports. Our goal is to improve your credit report by removing derogatory items deemed to be inaccurate, unverifiable and/or untimely. Damaging Items may include:










At US Credit Shield, our fee is guaranteed* What we quote is what you pay – NO UP-SELLING, NO SURPRISE FEES

How can US Credit Shield offer a Price Protection Guarantee?

Simply put, when you call US Credit Shield your expert credit consultant will take the time – with our thorough and unmatched interview process – to precisely determine your credit situation. Your credit consultant will then provide you with an up-front, guaranteed fee amount to take your case from start to finish.*

Because  US Credit Shield  spends the time necessary to completely analyze your credit case before quoting the fee, we will not come back to you later requiring additional funds to complete your credit resolution (commonly known as an “up-sell”).

And US Credit Shield puts it in writing: Your quoted fee amount and Price Protection Guarantee is included in your Service Agreement.

Who Are the Credit Reporting Bureaus?

Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union are for-profit corporations and are in the business of buying and selling credit information and they play no part in the credit repair or restoration process unless they are requested to do so. They are not a government agency, a public service nor do they act as a watchdog and contact you about possible problems with your credit. It’s also very important to know that they are responsive, not proactive companies.

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